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New Logic is an algorithmic conception of first-order logic influenced by Wittgenstein's philosophy and his critique of Mathematical Logic.
Its main idea is to decide logical properties (such as provability, consistency, satisfiability) by detection of patterns in normal forms or proof search sequences.
According to this idea, the conception of logic is not only algorithmic but also iconic.
The details of this approach are spelled out in my publications and the software available via this site:
The following papers, however, explains why an iconic conception of logical proof is limited:
The given explanation does not apply the proof techniques of Mathematical Logic.
So, the result of the New Logic Project is that an iconic understanding of logic (or even mathematics) cannot overcome the limits of decidability.
Mathematical Logic is right and the more powerful account.
One might conceive the iconic understanding of logic (and mathematics) as a conception of "primitive" logic (and "primitive" school mathematics) that is, though limited, beautiful according to its own aesthetic and philosophical standards.
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